Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

Do you know what is OVERENE?

OVERENE is if...

Reliable collaborate to jointly made the trade for the tenth time.

"It is not important to carry out  an order once, but work on the relationship with your partners."

Remuneration for regular delivery or collection of goods is another order.

Do you have it then verified?...

Application OVERENE


Verification of the goods using smart phones. You say it is impossible?

"Some things are impossible for the first view. Then if you look at it more carefully, it becomes more realistic."

The final effect should be “sales”. If there are tools used to make sales easier, then...

How often sign a contract?


The contract expresses the confidence of two or more people to participate in a joint business case.

"Regular trade is equal to the possibility to know to create a compromise so that all parties were satisfied."

Your efforts may not be futile, provided that you put together with experts...

Buying You sell

INVESTOR can count on!


All operations must be re-calculate. Carefully and accurately.

"If something does not go somewhere in the calculation is wrong. If you have it worked exactly, it´s suspicious."

Everything you calculated till now is relative. Keep in mind that there is one option that may be more convenient...



Intermediary´s work isn´t easy on the market. But we´re talking about the actual agent.

"Right agent is able to support himself. Bussines often falls on the fact that the agent hasn´t sufficient information".

When Brokering rules apply. If all these are followed, no problem...

Roads do not meet?


Some people say: "There is enough goods, but not enough buyers."

Others say: "There is lot of buyers, but not enough goods."

We say: "There is as much real buyers as real sellers."

So what is the reality?

Real goods in the existing stock


The real goods identified by the fact that you can touch.

"Taste a sample of sugar - should besweet. If not, then it´s most likely salt.. :)"

The real goods therefore did not recognize by the fact that you can it see in the picture,

but it is necessary...



To buy commodities is only possible if there are indeed. The real goods in stock, documents, certificates...


Sale of commodities is a complex process. Those who knows how to trade are governed by the rules...


Investor in the system of OVERENE can be anyone who attends trade and put their money ...


Intermediary is considered as an important part of business cases and is protected by treaties ...


Transport capacity, transport on request and transport of goods - commodities following orders ...

The project OVERENE is aimed at facilitating and conducting international trade with commodities online. In case you are selling, buying or transporting commodities, in case you are investor or mediator in commodity business, then you are on the right place. Part of the system OVERENE are tools for each group of people that participate in the business.

International trade with commodities also involves other groups and organizations that significantly influenced this business. Therefore, there is room for a wide range of cooperation with insurance companies, banks, companies dealing with enforcement of account payables, setting up an electronic signature, the companies involved in quality control of goods, customs house and other organizations involved in individual operations in international business. Therefore there is a room for specialists who know a lot about specific types of goods.

Due to the fact that there is no system at the market (or has not been) that cold merge these groups into the system, we decided to create and implement such system. This system has a technical title: "Non-exchange commodity sales system OVERENE"

System of OVERENE consists of: How it works