Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

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Non-exchange commodity sales system OVERENE

Non-exchange commodity system OVERENE is designed for buying and selling of commodities ONLINE. It is designed for companies - tradesmen as well as enterprises, entrepreneurs, intermediaries, forwarders, investors, bankers, insurance companies, inspection companies, laboratories and certification agencies that are dealing with buying and selling or handling with goods, or the processing of goods, commodities control in the framework of international business.

Relationship diagram of the system OVERENE:

Commodities system OVERENE is the unique instrument of useful applications and solutions.

Commodity system OVERENE is the tool of useful applications and solutions and is designed for businessmen

Businessmen value their time. Businessmen want to sell the goods only to verified buyers who have money to purchase goods. Businessmen want to buy or sell goods through verified partners.
Businessmen want to investment into commodities or warehouse, in this case it serves as an investment opportunity. Businessmen want to get the contracts for logistics and transportation of goods. Businessmen can mediate or otherwise support the business to be realistic.
Businessmen want to get new business partners. Professional businessman do not leave anything for fortuity, but solve items with experts. Businessmen want to execute business cases more efficiently.

Producers have the opportunity to offer goods for sale in other form (as they know now). After verification and approval of free capacity the goods is offered for sale. The sales system does not allow publishing of numbers unverified offers, as is usual on various DEMAND/OFFER and B2B announce portals, etc., which often do not warrant where the offer or demand is coming from. On there are published only VERIFIED OFFERS AND DEMANDS!!!

Fundamental pillar of is the possibility to combine several subjects that are linked to the business so that the business (even seemingly unsolvable) could be solved in a short time, on one place with legally supportable documents and expected profits.

Another advantage of is the ability to remotely verify the existence of goods (without the need of an agent), send a confirmation of goods, its quantity, price, ... further send the order, sign documents(electronic signature)and signature

All received documents are sent to the owner of the goods, who offers the sale and on the other hand the order is sent by buyer who can demonstrate financial resources, which are verified in terms of the bank.

The vision of system is a comprehensive set of tools and applications for international business, which allow purchases and sales on one place using modern technology such as "buying and selling applications through smart phones or similar personal devices". There is virtual warehouse is ready for suppliers to place their real goods in it and the auction program is under preparation for demanding traders, for whom this program will enable more convenient selection of contractors or subcontractors, or on the other hand, the auction will allow the possibility of advantageous sale of goods. is dedicated for anyone who is valuates saving of time, energy and wants to do the business by decent, lawful and fair manners providing real business opportunities.

By doing business through non-exchange commodity trading system OVERENE .com for each business case, by purchasing the license, or by any financial operation you contribute to: Non-profitable organizations (foundation...)

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