Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

About us

Who we are?

We are a group of businessmen aged 27-58 years, whose effort is to create something new, something that will not only help us, but will help mainly you. We are interested in advanced IT technologies, inventions, improvements and systems, investor plans, business plans that can help improve and make real existing businesses and maybe even relationships between entrepreneurs.

What do we do?

Let us answer this question by explaining who we are not. We are not demand and supply server and do not publish the fictional demands or offers. We publish and pair existing proven real goods under an agreement and documentation from supplier - seller. For example: from banks, POP, SGS, ISCC, FYTO..., delivery and loading lists... and require the supplier to evidence of actual goods and we connect it with the verified candidate - buyer. We create business opportunities for traders or manufacturing plants (based on their requests), who are seeking input commodities into their production and provide sale of their products to the final consumer. We are dealing with commodities for several years. Our goal is to move online commodity business to the higher level, in particular by increasing the credibility of offers and demands built on a realistic basis.

What records are behind us?

So far, we have concluded business cases with commodities in total volume of about 10,000 MT. And we still have ambitions to increase this "small / big" volume. We have behind us hundreds or thousands of promised goods, flying around the internet here and there and back again, which unfortunately have brought us many disappointments but a lot of experience.

Where we are experts?

"There will never be anything so perfect that it cannot be improved" Also we are always learning, but we guess we can say that based on our experiences we can locate commodities world-wide at the request of the client. We have got behind us huge amount of communications with suppliers and producers. For the purpose of improving we use and endeavour to provide a quality presentation and constantly try to improve ourselves in this area. We use the presentation and transfer of technology, and costing of business cases as well as verification of goods on-line (within the technological possibilities). Our current activity is construction of commercial software and its delivery and management, use and creation of mobile application in practice for international trade. An example is App OVERENE - mobile applications on the Android platform, where it is possible (using this application) to partially verify current presence of goods in the warehouse of the seller. We are experts in the use of online tools in combination with conventional commodity trade. Thus we can provide a significantly higher level of credibility of such trades.

Who we look for cooperation?

We welcome everyone. System OVERENE should cover everybody who is dealing with commodities honestly and reliably. It includes producers, mining companies, exporters, commodity brokers, mediators, farmers and producers of food commodities, buyers, consumers of semi products, wholesalers and retailers, traders, brokers and mandataries, forwarders and investors in commodities in order to increase the value of their finances. We are looking for partners from different groups who are interested in the verified business cases where the individual steps are verified and thus the whole case is more realistic.

What we want to achieve?

Our goal is to create a virtual as well as real environment (warehouse), the commodity market, auction hall for real business with existing commodity groups created for traders who can trade online. We want to achieve a significantly higher credibility of business cases to which our partners will be able to rely on.

What we expect from the future and what are our targets?

We would like to be in contact only with people who have resources, experience or goods and who do real business. Our goal is to clean commercial market from fraudulent and unrealistic and non-existing supplies and demands. We want to provide fairness in trade, higher possibility of sales for suppliers that they sell goods via OVERENE. For buyer we want to reduce the risk of fraud, higher possibility to purchase goods offered at market price with a realistic view to obtaining permanent orders and success in price competition compared to the stock market price. Our aim is the creation of modern instruments that will benefit the trade and improve communication between traders.

Word at the end (beginning of new)

Maybe we did something unique just because of you. We tried to listen to you and to create for you something that will help you in trading. Not everything can be so perfect, as if everyone expected, but we are at the beginning of the journey, which, if you will allow us, will be adapted and changed so that the system OVERENE helps the biggest number of users. And if you do not mind, we will not give up and we will certainly continue. And you do not give as well and let us now know immediately what you would like to change on this system. Your opinion can also change your income.

You have an idea how to improve this system?

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