Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

Advantages of the system

What are advantages of using system OVERENE for sellers, buyers, intermediaries, investors, forwarders (alebo carriers)?

What makes this business system different?

Your past experience brought you to this page. You have a lot of questions, special events and a lot of memories of erroneous meeting and false or fictitious offers or requests.

From now on, it does not need to be so, because we have created something that is based on our own experiences. Today, the real trader is not recognized based on clothing, watches and cars,but based on serious approach..

The trader has many features that brought him/her to the business. The same way system OVERENE will bring you to real business cases. Take advantage of the new system, which can be developed to the best possible shape also with your contribution.

We are glad that you are reading these sentences, because we know that your time is precious and so from now on you are trading in reality. We wish you lot of success and we wish that we were at your side, when together with us you make your first trade and consecutively also others. We look forward to cooperation.

The system Overene is solving few things unsolved yet, or solved a few things in international trade:

  • Publication only verified offers and demands (At the time of publication of the goods in the warehouse and the actual demand!)
  • Tenders that are verified seller in stock
  • Requests where the buyer proves funds to purchase goods just before purchasing
  • Possibility of goods purchased in the virtual wholesale center ON-LINE for anyone (natural and legal persons - entrepreneurs) with immediate payment
  • The headquarters of the international nature of business cases where they encounter severe supply with demand
  • The possibility of refinancing through bank and private investor
  • A modern tool for an entrepreneur with a series of useful applications to your phone and designed for commodity trading (*BETA version)
  • Secure sending and receiving data on a secure server over the phone including the signature (*in progress)
  • Local view offers by region, which will be held stocks in real time (GPS localization warehouse)
  • Electronic signature documents associated with the current hand- signed signature (*in progress)
  • The possibility of ordering goods and services in one place online (*in progress)
  • The possibility to create documents that appropriate criteria for commodity trading (in progress - now it is already BETA version)
  • A professional company that can carry out transactions
  • The range warehouse character within all involved EU countries will join the project

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