Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.


Verified goods from the warehouse for immediate purchase

If you are a reliable customer and you wish to purchase goods directly from the warehouse, then the following lines are intended for you. You have hundreds of emails in the inbox, where "someone" offers you a goods. You have gone through several sales portals where you were offer goods “at hand”. Later you found out that if you want to buy the goods you need to find it by yourself and you cannot trust anyone. This was created thanks to the people who have created chaos in trades business. But you do want to waste your time. You are interested in the goods that you want to buy, the product that exists in the stock, in sufficient quality and affordable price.

Sales system of OVERENE is designed precisely to give you the information only about proven products that are available for immediate purchase. It is enough for you to prove that you have the money to purchase the goods and you can immediately order goods they you require.


This portal is not designed for advertising, but for buying and selling commodities. You have the chance to become a reliable customer. Your interest in the goods will be delivered to the seller in the form of an order and you can check it and purchase it. If you need the transport, then please check the section Forwarders, where you will find free capacities for transport.

  • The time saving while sorting many offers
  • Dealing only with real offers
  • Faster finding the appropriate goods
  • Fast goods verification in warehouse
  • Faster execution of the business case
  • More time for your administration
  • Goods checking in warehouse
  • Protection against fraud and misguiding
  • Fair and confident execution of the trade
  • Business cases covered by contracts
  • Goods transport, business insurance
  • Less people in execution of trade

Goods has been verified in several ways and applications in mobile phone:

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