Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.


Commodity transportation options for business partners

Do you have free transport capacity? Every day someone asks you for price proposal of transportation from point A to point B, but you just create offers for some unrealistic customers. In the morning they call you and ask you for transportation the same day at lunch time – it is unrealistic. Then in the evening they want the transportation to be done next day morning - again unrealistic. Or they call you with the requirement for 10 trucks a day and during the phone call you feel that nothing will come out of it. But you are interested in real orders from real customers, not only in creating proposals. You may already be using systems that give you business options, but what about getting another opportunity?

For this case, we have created a system where the order or request for price proposal of the transport is given only by customers who have finances to pay for transport. Thus, somebody who asks you for the transport services through commodity sales system OVERENE is already prepared for transport. He needs "only" your company, your vehicle and your driver. Certainly, under realistic conditions and reasonable transport capacity.


This portal is not designed for advertising, but for the buying and selling of commodities and ordering the transport. You have the possibility to become a reliable carrier.

Your offered transport capacity will be sent only to your customer - supplier who has got transport services from you.

  • Guarantee of payment for your services
  • Online ordering of your transport
  • Verification of customer ordering transporter
  • Competitive advantage of strong partnership
  • Verified partners, realistic sales
  • SMS message about the need of transport
  • The probability of long-term orders
  • Long-term cooperation based on the contract

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