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Terms & Conditions of system OVERENE

  • The first T&C created on December 24, 2014, update on: December 24, 2014

I. Introduction

II. Description of system / project OVERENE – definition

III. Terms of use

IV. Account types

V. Licenses and how they are used

VI. Payment terms

VII. Intellectual property

VIII. Personal data and its providing to third parties

IX. Limitation of liability

X. Termination of using of system OVERENE

XI. Reparation

XII. Contact

I. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred as T&C) govern the relationship between the Provider of the system OVERENE (the Provider) and User of the system OVERENE (the User) and upon the acceptance of these conditions, the T&C become binding.

Welcome in OVERENE!

By registering at and access to the system OVERENE you agree to the following general terms and conditions hereinafter T&C, as well as annexes and you declare that you have full powers to sign on behalf of a legal entity that you represent and that you are familiar with these T&C. You also agree that by sending the data form, all submitted data will be treated as accurate, truthful and legally and after verification of your data it will be accepted.

General terms and conditions could be changed. However, these changes will be delivered to the User of system OVERENE via the website and/or User interface and/or by email notification of the change T&C and/or by receiving other notice of changes to the T&C in the form of SMS, email, letter etc. T&C applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract between the Provider and the User are binding throughout the period of use of these services according to package of ordered these services. In the case of an extension of this period, for the User will begin valid that T&C, which will be effective on the date of extension of the use of these services, that is the date when the payment is credited to the account of Provider. Using the system OVERENE is not transferable to another person, is limited to a specific User or private entity. Users are entitled to use the system in the range, which is defined in these T&C.

Advertising messages on the site are supplied by third parties. For the content and redirect to another page through these promotional messages is responsible the third party. We distance ourselves from the liability for services and / or products, materials of third parties that the User of the system or visitor of the site order through a third party site or will otherwise use and such third party will cause him the damage. Similarly, we are not responsible for the information or personal data submitted to these third parties by Users or visitors to the site after being transferred to third parties. The User acknowledges and agrees that the site included also the advertisement.

II. Description of system / project OVERENE – definition

Commodity system OVERENE is designed for the buying and selling of commodities online. Non-exchange commodity trading system OVERENE is designed for business - private and legal persons, entrepreneurs, intermediaries, carriers and freight forwarding companies, investors, bankers, insurance companies, inspection, laboratory and certification company that are dealing with buying and selling and / or handling or processing, control of real existing commodities in international trade. OVERENE is service provided based on contracts and / or contract between the User and the service Provider.

III. Terms of Use

By using of the system and adopting of the T&C User agrees to the following terms:

User of the system OVERENE is responsible for the Username and password - in any case User must not give and / or submit it to third parties. The User is responsible for the information in your account. By using of the system OVERENE User agrees that immediately upon finding of possible misuse of login and / or personal data (loss, theft, etc...) used in connection with the system of OVERENE will immediately inform the Provider of service of system OVERENE. User of the system OVERENE also undertakes to immediately inform the service Provider of system OVERENE immediately after the discovery of possible abuse (loss, theft, etc…) of any data supplied to the User of system OVERENE (login, password, tokens, SMS and e-mail codes). The purpose of these measures is to minimize the risk of abuse of the access account of the User of system OVERENE by unauthorized persons.

User of the system OVERENE must not disclose or otherwise publish the content and / or any part of the system OVERENE and / or part of the website ( to third parties without the consent of the service Provider and services and system OVERENE. User shall not use nor provide brands, trademarks, logos, names and / or names of web sites that are subject to copyright and law related to the protection of intellectual property - OVERENE for himself and / or any third parties for the purpose of promoting their interests and / or pretending to be the owner, operator of the system OVERENE without the consent of the Provider.

Visitor of the site and / or the User must not use pictures, videos, presentations, music or any written content that is inserted or situated on the site for commercial use without the consent of the Provider of service OVERENE.

User of the system OVERENE must not send chain e-mails, spam on behalf of the system and project OVERENE.

The User cannot and must not sign contracts, documents, take responsibility for services, products, and or the content used on the site This option is reserved only for author and Provider of services and products or other materials related to the legal representation of the system OVERENE.

The conditions to submit supply and demand through a web application App OVERENE

- Supply of demand must be entered in written form and truthfully.

- Addition of information is done within the deadlines stipulated in written form.

- By sending the offer the seller confirms that he is the owner of the goods and is chartered to sell the goods.

- By sending the demand the buyer confirms that he is ready to buy the goods.

- The intermediary submits information in written form and shall guarantee their authenticity.

- Investor does not misguide when declaring his credibility, in arguing that he has got sufficient funds to invest and that it is able and willing to provide funds to the system. Investor provides / confirms this information in written form.

- The carrier provides accurate and non misguiding information about available transport capacities.

In the supply/demand and registration forms is prohibited:

- Enter false, unverified, misleading, offensive or untroly information

- Impersonate someone else, blame someone else and damage his name, impersonate the owner of the company and/or goods in connection with the supply/demand

- Present the product or goods without written permission of the owner and/or author

On the portal will not be accepted - published:

- Supply/demand for the products that are made for the purpose of promoting violence, overt or covert forms of incitement to hatred on grounds of sex, race, skin colour, language, faith and religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group; verbal aggression and coarse language, presentation intolerance, extreme behaviours.

- Supply/demand for the products related to promoting nudity and sexuality

- Supply/demand for weapons, ammunition and things that promote war or describe cruel or otherwise inhuman conduct in a manner inappropriate to their belittlement, excuse or approval

- Supply/demand for alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and products that in overt or covert form promote alcohol, alcoholism, smoking, drugs and narcotics, poisons and precursors or belittling the consequences of the use of those substances

- Supply/demand for the products that may endanger the physical, mental or moral development of underage or disturb their mental health and emotional state

- Supply/demand for the products that promote pornography

- Supply/demand for the products that in overt or covert form promote political party or its representatives

- Other Offers/Requests that are inconsistent with generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic and are in breach of these terms and conditions of a particular service of the Provider.

Assessment of the facts whether or not it is in violation of these rules is solely the responsibility of the Provider and it is not obligatory for the Provider to justify his decision in relation to a possible denial of supply or demand of specific User.

Provider has the right to exclude, not publish, modify, not accept, delete of demands/offers that violate the rules and/or Provider considers their publication to be unsuitable.

Quantity and value of the goods

The User can offer/require any amount of goods on portal, but the Provider has the right to refuse publication of a small quantity of goods or goods with a low total value for one-time sale. This condition is linked to the Minimum value of the goods.

The minimum value of the goods

Small/minimum amount of goods in demand/offer shall mean:

- If the price of the commodity for the entire offered/required amount does not exceed the amount of 5.000 €

- The amount that represent the commodity which is not interesting for other users due to exorbitant price or too low price

- The amount that represents a volume that Provider considers to be uninteresting for the portal

Damaged/discard/second-class goods

The provider can but does not need to accept the offer/demand of damaged goods, the second/third – grade goods, visibly unusable and/or perishable goods and so on. The User is obliged to alert the Provider about such goods when entering demand/offer!

IV. Types of accounts

There are several categories of Users in the system OVERENE, each category represents one type of account. At some points contracts signed between Provider of OVERENE and User the T&C may vary. However, what is written in the contract shall take priority over conditions in T&C.

Basic types of Users broken down by categories:






Charges and fees for services provided by Provider are adjusted by current the price list, which is available at: (pricelist)

V. Licenses and their use

System OVERENE has got several applications, which are used in computer or telephone equipment, smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and similar devices. The User by using of system OVERENE can obtain a license to use the system as a whole, but also its individual parts and no matter on what apparatus (equipment) the application, part of the application or the whole system OVERENE will be used. Providing the license shall be decided solely by the Provider and only he can grant this license to the User. The license is issued as a non-exclusive for a particular User. If it is not stated otherwise in the contract terms or in the contracts between User and Provider, the User obtains the license for an agreed period of use (after payment of a fee). The detailed terms and fees are listed at: (this page will be available to you after login). The Provider has the right to decide who will obtain the licence and use of the system and who will not, without the need to justify its decision. If the Provider does not provide the license, he will return paid fee to User or will not accept it from the applicant for service of OVERENE.

VI. Payment conditions

Charges and fees for services provided by Provider adjusts the current price list, which is available at: (pricelist).

VII. Intellectual property

To use the system OVERENE, as well as the individual parts of the system are covered by these Terms and Conditions, contracts between Provider and User and Law on intellectual property under the title: Regulation no. 618/2003 - Law on copyright and rights related to copyright (the Copyright Act).

VIII. Personal data shall be provided by third parties

Personal data provided by you relating to the use of services OVERENE are protected by standard safety features. Provider of services OVERENE is governed by the Personal data protection Act and respects Law 122/2013 on the protection of personal data and on amendments to certain laws. Provider is registered at the Office for Personal Data Protection.

What personal information collected by the service Provider of OVERENE?

When using the system OVERENE the Provider of services OVERENE automatically gathers certain information such as ID (serial number) of the mobile apparatus, cookies, IP addresses of User's connections, technical information about the User's browser, the time zone information and information that is freely available from the Internet, such as company registration number, place of business acidities, etc. Information provide by you in conjunction with the use of an account on the site are intended only for the Provider and will not be provided to a third party without written consent of the User. When registering some data could partially be complement by system OVERENE. Thus these data will be automatically loaded into windows of the form. These data (as defined in § 4, section 3, letter a) of Law no. 122/2013 as amended later) are considered to be published information and can be processed without the consent of the person concerned in accordance with § 10, section 3, letter e) of Law no. 122/2013 as amended later. The data contained in the trade Register and / or company register and / or national statistical offices are considered public accessible data.

Provider does not save information related to the social network accounts, the data stored in e-mail clients and does not collect information about the User's data, about his contacts, photo of the contact profiles. The Provider does not collect information such as contacts, e-mail addresses, Usernames and passwords, tokens that are stored on mobile devices or computers, laptops, desktops, notebooks, smartphones and other multimedia devices providing information related to other sites than This information is stored in User's profiles of various other accounts that are not related with the system and account OVERENE.

The User has control over their data and a service Provider is not liable for information that User provides to third parties. If the User provides about him and / or his activities information to a third party, then he makes it based on his decision and the User is protecting such information within his consideration. Please inform us about the misuse of your personal data! If the User of the system OVERENE believes that their personal data could be misused, respectively have been misused by third parties for any purpose, Provider asks User for immediate information of Provider about these doubts. Provider will perform steps to avoid or attempt to prevent its escape.

System OVERENE is set up and developed to prevent or to protect and encrypt the User's information by all possible means. Therefore at the application only modern and safer means of such notification SMS verification, email verification, safety data sent by post, QR codes, captcha codes, etc., the SSL protocol (https ), token- generated passwords and other security features.

Provider is committed to respect your privacy that you provide through online communication, as well as your need to be informed about how personal data will be handled.

WARNING: Protect your personal data! Do not put name, password and other personal login information to anyone else, so that it cannot be misused!

IX. Limitation of liability

The aim of the site and services OVERENE is to enable persons who have visited this site to obtain information about commodity trading.

Any other use and obtaining data from the site that are not corresponding with the mission of this site is prohibited. All repeated and frequent information transmissions and copying for any purpose (commercial and non-commercial), which will be drawn differently than for specific essential use is prohibited. Our goal is providing accurate and verified information. The operator does not take any legal responsibility with respect to information obtained by you through this site.

This mainly concerns:

- Entered information that is entered into the system by registered partner through a web interface (registration form, additional data, documents, etc.), which are intended for publication.

- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are used for information of Users of system OVERENE and therefore cannot be used as legal or professional advice. If you require expert advice or legal advice, you can contact our lawyers who will certainly give you useful advice (commercial solution).

- Articles, blogs, posts, news, procedures, manuals, helptexts, etc. serve for informing of system Users and to facilitate the use of websites

Provider makes service and system OVERENE in a spirit of the best assistance to Users. Therefore, he is asking you to send information about any errors found in the system OVERENE or errors on the website and its subpages. For this purpose it is possible to use the contact information page. Errors that the User of the system, services, or applications or site visitor of alerts will be resolved, submitted for processing and repairs and if they will removable and Provider will approve the elimination of such errors, it will be removed. Using the system OVERENE is provided to the User's own risk. User agrees to the use of OVERENE noting that the Provider disclaims any errors and makes no warranty on the system, services, applications that: a) do not meet the requirements of the User and the User therefore is not satisfied without reservation with them, b) do not work continuously - non-stop (24/7) - for example, failure of the server (by any possible damage incurred as a result of downtime is not possible for the User to complain and claim compensation for damage). Verbal or telephone complaints will be submitted for solving, but priority will be given to execution of complaints from Users in written form.

X. Termination of using the services of OVERENE

The service fee for system OVERENE is non-refundable. Validity of the service is always according to the so-called period of use. Using the system OVERENE the day after the termination of the period of use will be considered as new period of us, and will generate an invoice for the service for a further period of use. This period can be set using the User’s interface. Termination the use of OVERENE and its services by User is possible in written form to terminate the contract. If the User requests the termination of the use of services of OVERENE before the end of the period of use, his account may be deleted after accepting the notice delivered to the mailing address of the Provider of service and system OVERENE. Even with the early termination of use of services OVERENE, the User’s fee is not refunded.

In case the User decides to re-use system and services OVERENE, he requests to reactivate an account and contract amendment in written form, which cancels the previous notice. The User is "loaded" the same information that he provided at the time of first registration. Such data may be supplemented in User’s interface. Provider this reactivation and re-registration may or may not accept while he takes no liability for the data generated during reactivating the deleted account and the User is required to check these data. The acceptance or non-acceptance will be announced to User by email and / or by letter mail and / or SMS.

Provider may terminate the User’s account if found breach of contractual conditions stated in these T&C or mutually signed contracts without compensation for the services of system OVERENE. Possible compensation for the damage will be dealt with in separate proceedings.

XI. Reparation

User agrees to reparation in favour of the Provider in case of findings of violation of these Terms & Conditions and / or contracts, disfigurement of good name and / or reputation of the Provider, defamation, loss of potential profits and any damage that accrue to the Provider because of activities of the User. All detected cases will be handled in accordance with applicable laws. The User agrees to the settlement of any dispute at the competent court. User and Provider of service of system OVERENE agree that both sides will try handle any arising disputes initially out of court. User and Provider of service of system OVERENE agree that in case of any fault, error, damage, etc., which resulted in the damage, the injured party shall claim the other party incurred damage within 30 days after discovery of the damage, but no later than within 90 days from the date of damage origin. After the expiry of these deadlines submitted complaints will not be taken into consideration.

XII. Contact

System OVERENE, parts of the system, web site, applications of OVERENE and services published on the web site or or or any sub-pages are owned and operated by:

Komodity Online s.r.o.

Company registration number: 47225378

Tax registration number: 2023806499

Adress: Kopcianska 10, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia