Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

How fast will take business?

How fast can be carried out business case is a matter for the organization of purchase and sale. Sometimes it can be in two - three days if both parties are registered and therefore know what are the benefits of system OVERENE. In the future, we plan time for the trade to minimize. However, this comes as one Czech proverb says: "Working haste, less valid." We leave nothing to chance. We follow the rule of "trust but verify" ... If we are talking about regular trade and contract, then the normal business case, if properly treated and contractually set, it takes about 14 days to first supplied or taken away by truck. This does not apply for large commercial cases, there is a timetable different and can take several months from the first moment (interest) to conclude the transaction.<│View all questions


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