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I am forwarder, but the goods is not there

I am forwarder, I arrived to pick up the goods, but the goods is not there. What happens if I arrive for the goods but goods is not there?

If you come as a forwarder of goods to pick up the goods and the goods is not there, in this case there are two options on how to proceed. The first is that the waiting time for the goods to arrive is agreed, so you are waiting for the goods according to pre-agreed terms. The second option will be most likely that the goods is not in the warehouse and will not be in the near future. It happens due to the sale of goods to someone who took the goods before you came into the warehouse. In this case you follow the claims procedure - section transportation. In any case, it is necessary after the findings of such event to contact by phone the customer who ordered the transport immediately and agree on the further steps. Possible sanctions against the customer should be the subject of the contract between you and the customer.<│View all questions


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