Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.


Mediation of goods is not difficult. Difficult it is to be reliable.

Are you an intermediate - an agent without a name, an agent is not respected because you give unproven information, you give information on goods for which you "almost" warrant? Do you guarantee for people who have sent you an offer? Do you give information that no one has ever verified? No, you probably give exactly the information what you have got, but it has not been verified. Did you get that far, that trade has been done, but to you as an intermediary (who has done something for the trade) has somehow been forgotten? And this is the way you lost your commission, you have been bypassed and again you have lost your face.

For you – intermediaries – and particularly thanks to you this portal and this system have been created. You have the chance to cooperate and get your face back. Commodities sales system OVERENE is also created for you - intermediaries, agents - who know, want and need to make money. You will get paid for mediation under condition that the business has been done. The proof of your partnership will be NCNDA and IMFPA. Moreover, you will get news and motivational valuable information that helps you in your work. But mostly you get the opportunity to become "the verified and reliable intermediary". You will be agents who will be respected and make money along with it.


This portal is not designed for advertising, but for the buying and selling of commodities and for intermediaries. You have the chance to become a reliable agent. Your services will be appreciated, your information will be verified and you will become a member of a community that will not circumvent or deceive you.

  • Fair securing of the commission
  • The commission paid based on contracts
  • Exclusion of circumvention in the trade
  • The bigger possibility of completion
  • A serious approach to your contacts
  • Cooperation under the code of honesty
  • Meaningful work for several years
  • Efficient sorting of offers and demands
  • Real demands are meeting real offers
  • You create the name of a reliable partner

I want to become a reliable intermediary and a member:

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