Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.


Investment in commodities gives you new revenue options

You are an investor, so you have already transferred to the fourth category of cash flow quadrant. You know how to invest, you also know that in every business there is a risks. You invested and earned, but also lost your invested money. This means that you have learned firsthand where to invest and where not. Where it pays back and where it does not. But even you work in a team. Your team is composed of people that you have chosen. But they are human beings and due to this it probably also happened to you that you lost money. You estimate the approximate gain potential and perhaps you have special sense for it - a sixth sense. Now you have free resources and would like to invest in under the most favorable conditions. That is low risk and interesting profit.

Overene is non-exchange trading system that allows you to increase your financial input in a relatively short time, with appropriate risks. Business opportunity is corresponding to market opportunities with the advantage that the trade can be insured for risks of failure of the business case.

The cash invested into the system can be increased even within a few days, or in monthly or quarterly assessment. The money is invested solely into real, verified and available commodities in warehouses of suppliers. In case the business case will not happen, the entire deposit is returned back to you - so there is no loss of money for you associated with the cost of the business case.


You can invest the sum from 500 EUR with the profit from 1 % of the invested amount per month. This portal is not designed for advertising, but for the buying and selling of commodities and investors. You have the chance to enlarge your funds under favorable conditions.

*Your money is used in the system after consultation with us in order to bring you optimal profit. Risks associated with trade and deposit will be explained and treated contractually.

  • Equivalence of strong partner
  • Care to the entrusted investment
  • Long -term experience in the business
  • Interesting profit on the investment
  • A real business with real goods
  • Transparent implementation of trade
  • Mutual investment = mutual business
  • Investments under your control
  • Investing in the real goods
  • Change of money into goods in stock

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