Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.


We are pleased that using funds that are used for the business cases of OVERENE system you are helping and contributing with us to the charity and aid for specific long-suffering people.

Thanks also for the establishment of OVERENE system to the whole team of people who participated in the project and are constantly working on improving. Without them, this project would not exist.

This portal is not designed for advertising, but for the buying and selling of commodities and maybe just for You. If You think that have got a lot to offer to the portal, the project and OVERENE system, then you can become our "verification" partner. Anyone who wants to contribute to the development of the project is welcome. It will be easier with you. Insurance companies, banks, media partners, financial partners ...

We are looking for foreign partners who are interested in the cooperation in the project OVERENE. Through this cooperation you as our new partner can use these options:

You have the chance to participate in a unique project that can open up new opportunities in your business.

  • You can be one of the first in the project that has high growth potential.
  • You will become co-creators of the system, which supports serious and real business.
  • You will benefit from real businesses cases.
  • You will be involved in enhancing transparency in business cases in Europe.
  • You will contribute to the strengthening of the market in your country.
  • You will stand alongside a strong partner.
  • You will use a sophisticated system that can be used also on your website.
  • You have the possibility to use another new system adapted to your business with modifications according to your wishes.

OVERENE project that is displayed on the portal is operated
or has been develop or has been give the publicity with the help of following companies:

Komodity Online s.r.o.
The author and the operator of
Kadera s.r.o. Creating websites, e-shops,
mobile versions of websites, creating applications
on the Android platform and site optimization.

If you are interested in participation on the project OVERENE to become advertising, media and financial partner, then click: CONSULTATION