Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

Price list

70 €

3 Months

130 €

6 Months

--190 € (action)--

( 9 ) 12 Months

250 €

12 Months

270 € +

12 Months +

Basic services OVERENE (pricelist)

Period 3 Months 6 Months ( 9 ) 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months +
Edit own requests
View all requests
Replay to own requests
Mobile application and services
* Corporeal verification of seller's warehouse
Online documents Creation (in progress)
Access to Documents Templates (in progress)
E-mail service (in progress)
SMS service (in progress)
Dokuments without OVERENE logo (in progress)
* Choosing the laboratory for analysis of samples of goods
Auction (in proggress)
Support (Mon - Fri from 8:00 to 18:00)

*** PRICE 70 € 130 € ** 190 € 250 € 270 €
Change service to a higher level = extra charge - 60 € 60 € 60 € 20 €+

Additional services (individual calculation)
To call an expert If you need an expert to consult the specific desired area, please contact us. (For example: Technical standards, environmental protection, special regime of some commodities, etc.).
The assessment of the business case

For an assessment of the feasibility and viability of the business case, please contact us for price proposal.

Examination of goods documents For inspection goods documents, please contact us for price proposal.
Coordination of trade For coordination of trade (logistics, delivery conditions, payment conditions ...) please contact us for price proposal.
Examination of goods in the warehouse of supplier For examination of the warehouse and placing of several items on site at the same time contact us for price proposal.


* Services that require specific action by the provider, such as physical examination of the warehouse for the seller or the choice of a laboratory for the analysis of goods samples are included in the cost of the package of services only in the form of physical performance of provider (or his authorized person) at a specific location (user's warehouse, laboratory, ...). Other overhead costs such as travel and accommodation (in need of a longer stay in a particular place) and other travel expenses in accordance with applicable legislation will be invoiced to the user beyond the package price, which the user ordered and paid for. For a specific price proposal of such service, please contact us to create a quotation.

** ACTION valid till: 03/31/2015

*** Provider is not registered VAT payer

Draft contracts can be found in your profile in the customer zone after registration.

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