Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

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System OVERENE has been developed based on the real experiences of Komodity Online s.r.o. company, which in practice proved the need to distinguished virtual business from real one. Business practice taught us to use the rule: "trust, but verify!" Our target is to enable real participants in international trade to execute business cases more effectively. System OVERENE is designed to hit this target. Purchase – sales non-exchange commodity sales system OVERENE is innovative project, which gives the possibility to trade more effectively.

Assessment of the business case in terms of its feasibility (application + internet + person) Verification of goods in terms of existence, documents and quality (applications + internet + person + company + certification - laboratory, etc.)
Verification of information entered into the system, such as contact data of companies or firms, its current activity … (application + internet + person + database) Verification of documents on financial and payment capability (solvency of the buyer)
The auction room for sale the warehouse stocks verified in the warehouse of supplier (internet + person) *in progress System security against data misusing: verification via sms, e-mail and codes sent by post. Security elements of website: ssl protocol https and many other security elements.
Creating documents necessary to the execution of the trade (online application "OVERENE - documents"). (internet) *in progress Access to documents for the international trade online (person + internet) *in progress
Signing the document by signature of OVERENE using the mobile phone by director of the company or by responsible representative (application + internet + person) *in progress
Easy to use and intuitive search for documents necessary to the trade

Achieve more in commodities trading. In a few days you can add to your business new system that will change your woirk and will make it easier and save your time. Just by simple setup you can buy and sell commodities online through the system OVERENE, create documents needed for trade, recalculate advantage of the offer while working only with verified proposals and demands. Auction is designed for demanding customers and allows purchasing under favorable conditions. The investment part of the system OVERENE offers investment opportunities in commodities under controlled conditions of the ongoing business. Forwarders get the possibility for transport by their vehicles directly through orders for transportation.

Your profit can be more favorable Your time can be oriented to your private activities
Your work can be aesier Your satisfaction can be fulfilled

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