Only verified demands and offers of commodities. Overene is system, that saves your time and money. No fictive items, just real goods in warehouses.

Supplier fails to deliver, which in this case?

Contractor fails to deliver, what to do in such a case? What happens if the seller fails to deliver the goods?

True if the seller delivers the goods to the buyer's warehouse transportation provided by the seller. Prior to any disclosure of the goods in a virtual warehouse, rechecked his presence in the seller, or rechecked all relevant documents on the goods that the seller of the goods offered. These documents confirm that the goods actually really exists, the seller guarantees and therefore he is responsible for the information. The terms and conditions in the system of OVERENE is proposed solution in the case of non-delivery, as well as the claims procedure rules.

If the seller sells from his store, or other place of work, then it is a condition that the seller stated in the draft contract, or as stated on the menu in the system OVERENE. If the product fails, the procedure also on the basis of agreements and contracts, which are for the business case.<│View all questions


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