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The buyer does not take the delivered goods

I Sell ​​goods to the buyer but he does not take it? What happens if I sell the goods and the buyer does not take it?

If the goods is delivered to the delivery, then the responsibility for the removal of goods takes upon shoulders of buyers. If the qualitative findings demonstrated that the product is not the one that contractually guaranteed seller, the buyer doesn´t have to accept the goods. If the quality is good, but the goods is not taken on by buyer for exampl for financial reasons, but at the time of ordering he had proven and confirmed them in writing, then proceed under the claims procedure. Goods from most likely go back to the store seller, or the seller it is placed in the warehouse, which is determined as a "replacement". If the goods are perishable or its handler (unloaded) requires special tools (means), or need special transshipment point, then proceed according to the contract and the claims procedure. Damage to goods during transportation comes to solving transport problems, or reasons relating to loading and unloading, or the cause which arose prior to the loading of goods. There are many causes of damage to the goods, but in principle proceed under the claims manual.<│View all questions


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