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What is the business procedure?

Business procedure is a set of several consecutive steps, which serve as the outline for easier implementation of business cases.

"Many traders" in quotes these steps not only do not know, but in addition, they try to modify by himself and becomes messy business:

Business has its principles and if complied with, then they are working.

In the following lines you can read in the form of examples from practice what to avoid, what treatments you may be at risk. How do you recognize the right offer from false ("left :)"). What step should be followed, as to learn from the mistakes of others etc.

*Case study: Examples of good practice we knew mention perhaps hundreds. Almost at every point in the procedure - the right example we mentioned that we or our business partners become concrete. The procedure, which you see on the right is the most widely used, what we use as well.

See how it ranked right menu. It's a kind of treatments they use dealers in the EU.

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Allocation Procedures trade

Basically, the procedure of trade can be divided into several categories.

We divided procedure into:

1.Procedures from intermediaries, who have them from unverified sources and often from other intermediaries. You will know them by multiple fonts, different colors and sizes, "crows style". Stamps fanciful names unknown, covered with signatures, astronomical quantities, prices lower than the stock market, 5x scanned documents, most of the documents in * .doc etc. This supply and demand is avoided, but you should be able to recognize them or try to contact us. You face many kinds perhaps even non-existent payment instruments. Therefore, we encourage you to be with these menus and queries prudent. because there is a high risk of fraud, deployment, circumvention, making contacts for other purposes etc. Frequently not use the website for your presentation.

2.Procedures by appointed agents and representatives resellers, distributors or direct sellers or buyers. Such treatments usually circulated among intermediaries who these procedures adjustments including prices, quantities, and so on. Although to a lesser extent than treatments intermediaries (the first type of treatments). Average required NCNDA first, then ICPO, BCL, RWA and others. Payment instruments in this type of treatments used guarantee (SBLC), Letters of Credit, 100% prepayment and the like. They use a website to present themselves to a small extent.

3.Procedures from resellers (Those who buy from factory / refinery, etc.) and then sell them to buyers under contracts with producers refineries, processing plants - factories, retail chains. These companies usually require ICPO, BCL and NCNDA and the like. On average, can identify Mandate mandates (any mandated authorization letter), or contract on behalf of, or reference listed on their website. As payment method mostly used (transferable and non-transferable / divisible ...) Letter of credit, prepayment escrow account, and the smooth payment. Web presentation used often (almost always).

4.Procedures, produced by the direct seller and the direct buyer. (Real deals from direct supplier. The real demands of the direct purchaser). Most of these supply / demand are not in emails intermediaries and dealt with internal directives enterprises or their own software ... Payment methods vary but usually it is a payment of advances to the enterprise / refinery, letters and so on. Web presentation out "mandatory" use.

Further we explain the consultation consultation or we agree in representing your company for the EU market.

Poor procedure may result in financial losses for traders and brokers and investors! By coordinating trade coordinating trade you know these losses avoided or at least mitigated.

*The whole procedure is made available only for registered business partners

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How does the business model procedure look like?

with a preview of the procedure, as is normally sent in e-mails (link)

This procedure is used as informative. To create a template document now, you can use the tool to create documents through which you can create the document in a few minutes. Additional copies respectively. New documents you will take a few seconds.

How is that possible? We have because we value your time!

* There is a functional "BETA" verzia "version "Documents verified" and soon you will be informed. IN PROGRESS!

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